Isabion is a product of natural origin for the balanced nutrition of plants, which can be used both foliar and through irrigation water.

It is composed of a mixture of free amino acids and short and long peptide chains, in the proportion proper nutrition and biostimulation of the basic functions of the crops. Promotes root growth and vigorous development of the buds, induces a greater flowering, promotes the pollination and fruit set of fruits, and improves the quantity and quality of the harvest.

Isabion is the result of the transformation of natural collagen through a process that meets the highest standards of production and quality, which results in a product of the highest concentration, greater capacity for uptake by plants, low ash and no harmful chemicals for soil and crops.

Isabion is available in a wide range of containers: 1, 5, 10, 120 and 640 litres, adapting to the needs of both small and large farmers.