Nahadeh Gostar Gohar Samar Corporation was founded in 2006 with the ultimate aim of procuring and distributing superior agricultural inputs such as plant protection products, fertilizers, and seeds. Our esteemed company is empowered by a robust team of over 30 highly educated and specialized individuals who work assiduously across various units such as Innovation, Research and Development (R&D), Technical and Consulting, Plant Clinic, Sales and Marketing, Digital Marketing, Information Technology (IT), Warehousing, and Human Resources (HR).

The pivotal mission of Nahadeh Gostar Gohar Samar Corporation centers around contributing significantly to societal food security and the production of wholesome agricultural products. This is meticulously accomplished through a continuous focus on research, development, and innovation in identifying the latest agricultural inputs, pioneering plant health solutions, plant nutrition, as well as their procurement and distribution. We also prioritize the elevation of technical knowledge and awareness among input operators and distributors.

We procure our high-quality products from renowned and reputable companies, ensuring the enhancement and expansion of modern agricultural benefits. Our corporation is steadfast in providing a comprehensive spectrum of services to farmers and retailers, ranging from consultation and education to introducing new agricultural techniques and products, all aimed at improving life standards and augmenting productivity within the agricultural sector.