Actara 25 WG


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The Insecticide Tailor-Made for the Modern Grower

ACTARA® is a unique systemic insecticide that provides excellent, fast-acting and long-lasting elimination of a broad range of foliar and soil pests. 

Its benefits go beyond insect control as its unique chemical properties consistently helps growers to maximize crop potential through healthier and more vigorous plants, better quality of harvested fruits and grains with higher yields.

For growers ACTARA® is the best choice for flexible crop protection with a range of application methods from conventional foliar sprays and soil application, to more sophisticated systems such as drench and drip irrigation. It can be used in both humid tropics and temperate climates.


Active Ingredient: Thiamethoxam 

Formulation: Water Dispersible Granules

Mode of Action:

Neonicotinoids act on a specific protein in the brain of pest insects (the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor), inhibiting their feeding reflex.

During food intake, healthy aphids stay nearly motionless on the leaf. After uptake of Thiamethoxam, the sucking insect stops feeding and even if death is delayed for 24 hours, the effects are comparable to knock-down compounds, since the feeding stop is irreversible. Affected sucking insects do not penetrate the plant tissue again.

Foliar application:

ACTARA® exhibits excellent trans-stemic (translaminar & systemic) movement in the plant tissue. It quickly penetrates the leaf to form a reservoir of active ingredient which results in extended residual control.

Soil Application:

When ACTARA® is applied to the soil, it is readily taken up by the roots of germinating seedlings or transplants and is rapidly translocated throughout the plant. Once inside the plant, thiamethoxam is slowly metabolized, resulting in extended residual control.

Main Benefits of Using ACTARA®:

ACTARA® is highly effective at low use-rates against a broad spectrum of sucking, soil and leaf-dwelling pests.

ACTARA® is highly systemic and well suited for application as a foliar spray, drench or drip irrigation.

ACTARA® is characterized by its rapid uptake and is fast-acting regardless of dry or wet conditions ensuring high performance levels.

Local Recommendation: 




LOCAL PHI (days)

Cantaloupe White fly 350 gm/fed (soil)     40
Citrus Mealy bugs 25 gm/hl     32
Pepper White fly 80 gm/fed      9
Phaseollous Aphids 80 gm/fed      7
Potato Aphids 20 gm/hl     14
Sugar beet Beet fly 20 gm/hl     30
Tomato White fly 350 gm/fed (soil)     40
Tomato White fly 20 gm/hl      6
Watermelon Aphids 350 gm/fed (soil)     40


The rate for foliar application in vegetables and field crops is NOT LESS THAN 80 gm of product per feddan, regardless of the water spray volume and type of sprayer equipment.